Directions For 30 Seconds® Spray & Walk Away®

  • Shake contents before use.
  • Mix one part of 30 SECONDS Spray & Walk Away to five parts water (1:5 mix ratio). 1 gallon makes 6 gallons of Ready-To-Use product and treats 750-2250 sq. ft., depending on the growth and porosity of the surface. Use a backpack or pump up tank sprayer to apply.
  • Spray surface to be treated when surface is DRY and rain is not predicted for 12 hours or longer.
  • Thoroughly saturate surfaces to be treated. To maximize coverage, remove excessive organic growth or clumps where possible, prior to applying Spray & Walk Away. This will save you money and increase the effectiveness of the product.
  • Once treated, the surface requires no pressure washing, scrubbing or rinsing. Just thoroughly WET the surface with the product and WALK AWAY.
  • Treated surfaces will show signs of decay over the next few weeks and growth will erode away with the weather. Alternatively, leave treated surface for a few days after treatment, then brush off decaying growth with a stiff brush.
  • After use, clean and flush applicator thoroughly with water.
  • If you prefer immediate results, we recommend 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner.


, Spray & Walk Away DirectionsOngoing Maintenance:

Spray and Walk Away does not show immediate results, but works as a treatment, killing the growth slowly and effectively over time without damaging the surface. Some lichen and moss may take a week to remove or show signs of decay. If the surface to be treated is not fully exposed to rainfall or is vertical, then some additional wetting of the surface may be required. Reapplication may be required where heavy growth persists. Do not repeat treatment more than (6) times per year.

Advice For Specific Surfaces:

Wood Decks: Growth like lichen, moss and algae on cedar or redwood may require brushing for complete growth removal. Use water and a hard broom 1 month after application. Once cleaned, it may be maintained with Spray & Walk Away to prevent further growth or stains.