Moss on your roof?

We’re well into September, which means it’s time to come to terms with some facts: summer’s almost over and those long stretches of sun and heat are coming to an end. Take advantage it while you still can; go for a long bike ride, eat some ice cream, and deal with the moss growth on your roof.

What, the last one didn’t sound very fun? Well thanks to 30 Seconds Spray and Walk Away it’s not NEARLY as bad as you think. I’m sure you’ve noticed the subtle (or not so subtle) browning of your perfectly manicured lawn this summer. Maybe even a discolouration of your prized rhododendrons. So just imagine how much the moss on your roof is suffering as it bakes away under the sun. Seize this opportunity! Those dry, thirsty roots are just begging for any sort of moisture they can suck up… Which is where you (or the person in your family least afraid of heights) come in.

The beauty of Spray and Walk away is that it’s a treatment, not a cleaner, so literally all you have to do is spray it all over the offending growth (making sure that you really saturate the parched intruder) and climb down the ladder as quickly and safely as you can. Then get back to the important things in life. You’ll notice in a couple of weeks that everything on your roof has shriveled up and the first rain will wash it right off.

Everyone here at Bia Holdings hopes you thoroughly enjoy the rest of your summer. Don’t let the projects that have to be done interfere with all of the fun you should be having.

I have a 12 x 40 foot park model trailer with vinyl siding.  Each year is a major job to clean with cleanser and a scrub brush. This time I saw an ad for your product and thought I would give it a try.  Got the whole thing cleaned in an afternoon with just a little scrubbing.  All done and looks like brand new.  Proudly showing my neighbours.  I am so excited to have this big job done in no time and will use your product again.  Excellent cleaner.  Thanks!

Janice Dawson